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Directory Submission

Free Active Directory Submission Services is an industry that is always in search of new ways to increase its traffic and business. A lot of webmasters use free submission services to boost their presence on the internet. In fact, many online marketers are trying to find a way or method in which they can dominate the top search engines all over the world with the help of directory submission. Many believe that submission to a free directory is free while others point out that it is not.

Essentially, a directory submission site is where you can submit your website to a number of free locales. In short, this will create backlinks to your website which is what is going to lead to increased traffic. However, always remember that you do not need to submit your website to any single web directory alone. As a result, due to there being so many directories, there are some which have very high bounce rate.

This is where the question arises as to why directory submission sites are used by internet marketers in order to drive targeted traffic to their website. The most prominent reason is because these directories provide search engine spiders with a list of the websites that are directed at the particular page on the internet. This is considered to be a major benefit for search engine rankings.

Once your website is submitted to these directories, the job of the spiders is to check whether the link to your site originates from any directory. If it does, then it is considered to be a valid directory link and you have your page added into the directory. Now, many people make the mistake of thinking that if the directory submission sites only list the wrong category, it is useless. It is true that this is one of the ways they determine your ranking. However, this ranking is not determined solely by these directories.

Even if you do get your website listed on these directories, the main reason for this listing is to obtain good backlinks to your site. So, if you want to be successful in your link building campaign, always remember not to submit your website to the wrong category. In other words, never think that the free directory submission sites are the only way to create backlinks. On the contrary, you can also employ the services of professionals who offer good services in this regard.

Another reason why directory submissions are beneficial is because they expose your website to thousands of online visitors. Now, if you go by the premise that just submitting your link building campaign to these sites will create good results, then you are wrong. Although these are considered to be directory submissions, their main objective is to drive targeted traffic to your website. For example, if you were to submit a link to the free directory submissions site, but did not have any website of your own, the search engines might just ignore your site. This is because the owners of these sites often pay to have links like yours posted on their pages.

As such, if you want to use web directory submission to achieve the above goals, you should learn to moderate your links so as to avoid being blacklisted by the search engines. This is a very important aspect of off-page SEO and a lot of people make the mistake of believing that just spamming directories with links to their own website is sufficient to achieve results. The fact is that directories have their own rules and every directory has its own criteria when it comes to managing spam. Hence, when you manage to comply with the rules of a directory, your links will be counted among genuine links and your chances of getting banned will automatically decrease. Besides, as webmasters, you must know that there is no point in wasting time submitting your links to directories which may ban your links due to ‘botox’ effects.

Web directories play a critical role when it comes to improving your online business as many of them display your website’s information to the public in a professional manner. Therefore, if you wish to achieve a higher ranking for your website, you need to ensure that you submit only those links which are relevant and useful to your target audience. As mentioned earlier, the use of off-page techniques is crucial to achieving higher search engine rankings and this is why free directory submission list is very beneficial. While this is an easy way to improve your ranking, it is important to remember that this method does not provide instant results. You may find your link being listed on some directory after a long period of time and you may even continue to submit links to the same site. Only when your link enjoys high quality reviews and gets a lot of incoming links will it be able to achieve higher rankings.

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